Important Dates

Superdarts March 28-30 2014

We had a great time at the Southfork Hotel for Superdarts Weekend 2014. Over 300 entries in 14 events, and we paid out over $5000 in prize money. In addtion, we raffled off a big screen TV, a Nike Golf Bag, professional-level darts, and other great prizes. Our chalkers also received some terrific gifts.

Here's the winners:

Friday Mixed Doubles
1st Danny Young Jr./Valerie Goad
2nd Jeff Long/Julie Withrow
Top 4 Sam Vaquera/Morgan Mccormack
Top 4 Marty Jones/Christina Tilley
Top 8 Patty Blair/Brett Hart
Top 8 Scott Powell/Beth Oates
Top 8 Caitlyn Pepe/Gene Bullard
Top 8 Suszi Gagnon/Steve Gagnon
Friday Night Modified Cricket Blind Draw
1st Mike Roundtree/Rich Graham
2nd Worthie Cunningham/Matt Reed
Top 4 Sam Vaquera/Lee Lienard
Top 4 Julie Withrow/Danny Young Jr.
Top 8 Schad Scott/Joe Plumbo
Top 8 Sam Parks/Sue Dickson
Top 8 Marty Jones/Terri Patterson
Top 8 Lynn Burchfield/Jimmy Wallace
$100.00 Mystery Out Paid To Matt Hays And Kevin Walker
Saturday Mens Doubles Cricket
1st Glenn Goad/Sam Vaquera
2nd John Yanock/Mike Roundtree
Top 4 Christian Haggmark/Tim Sopp
Top 4 Jeremy Chase/Glen Feldman
Top 8 Orlando Juarez/Ricky Moralez
Top 8 Jody Reed/Matt Reed
Top 8 Mike Bates/Sam Parks
Top 8 Danny Young Sr./Danny Young Jr.
Saturday Ladies Doubles Cricket
1st Christina Tilley/Caitlin Cunningham
2nd Sherry New/Sue Dickson
Top 4 Julie Withrow/Suszi Gagnon
Top 4 Stacy Hudson/Tammy Young
Saturday Mens Singles Cricket
1st Mike Roundtree
2nd Danny Young Jr.
Top 4 Nassar Alhamandi
Top 4 Sam Vaquera
Top 8 Scott Powell
Top 8 Matt Reed
Top 8 Christian Haggmark
Top 8 Jon Forman
Saturday Ladies Singles Cricket
1st Valerie Goad
2nd Stacy Taylor
Top 4 Becca Price
Top 4 Lorrie Cooper
Top 8 Morgan Mccormack
Top 8 Kasia Reese
Top 8 Julie Withrow
Top 8 Candace Neal
Saturday B/A2 Doubles
1st Ricky Glancy/Ramin Najafi
2nd Anthony Morgan/Daylon Acker
Top 4 Corey Santmyer/Jason Ahmad
Top 4 Candace Neal/Terri Paterson
Saturday Mixed Triples
1st John Yanock/Mike Roudtree/Melanie Hargrove
2nd Sam Vaquera/Morgan Mccormack/Gleann Goad
Top 4 Amy Weaver/Jeremy Chase/Tiny Moore
Top 4 Marty Jones/Nassar Alhamandi/Christina Tilley
Saturday Modified 501 Blind Draw
1st Nassar Alhamandi/Lynn Burchfield
2nd Hope Bates/Scott Powell
Top 4 Marty Jones/Tod Nalley
Top 4 Danny Young Sr./Orlando Juarez
Top 8 Jeff Wells/Richard Christensen
Top 8 Richie Cooper/Courtney Bressler
Top 8 Thomas Bronte/Ricky Morales
Top 8 David Mitchell/Christina Tilley
$100.00 Mystery Out Won By Danny Young Sr And Orlando Juarez
Sunday Ray Watkins Adult Youth Blind Draw
1st Connor Schlebach/Ricky Glancy
2nd Kerena Reese/Scott Powell
Top 4 Ricky Glancy Jr./Pito Mendoza
Top 4 Shea Nolen/Jon Foreman
Sunday Mens Doubles 501
1st Danny Young Sr./Danny Young Jr.
2nd David Plunkett/Craig Gagnon
Top 4 Glenn Goad/Sam Vaquera
Top 4 Glen Feldman/Jeremy Chase
Sunday Ladies Doubles 501
1st Caitlin Cunningham/Christina Tilley
2nd Morgan Mccormack/Valerie Goad
Top 4 Janet Watkins/Christine Mitchell
Top 4 Pamela Lang/Candace Neal
Sunday Mens Singles 501
1st Nassa Alhamandi
2nd Lynn Burchfield
Top 4 Sam Vaquera
Top 4 David Mitchell
Sunday Ladies Singles 501
1st Morgan Mccormack
2nd Kasia Reese
Top 4 Janet Watkins
Top 4 Valerie Goad